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f /18 / Canada

these are all my own photographs

So I realize that most of you have no idea who I am so I guess I’ll introduce myself…

-my name is olivia
-I’m 18
-I have 4 tattoo’s
-I live in Canada
-my url is a ben howard song
-my favourite band since 2005 has been panic! at the disco
-concerts make me very happy
-one of my best friends lives in Belgium 
-I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2000
-recently was diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder
-ian somerhalder tweeted me once because I corrected his spelling
-owls & sloths are the ultimate animals
-I am absolutely terrified of lady bugs (seriously I will cry) but totally cool with spiders & other bugs
-I have a plethora of camera’s including my two precious polaroids
-Halloween is my time to shine and I’m don’t really have christmas cheer
-after 9 years of mandatory french, all I can do is recite the whole story of goldie locks and the three bears
-I can sing a 1D song in spanish
-tea is gross and so is coffee
-I fell on my friends backyard ice rink and drove on the highway to the hospital with a bleeding head… I ended up with 6 stitches
-I swam competitively for 4 years 
-I have three dogs but one is a demon

and I think that’s enough about myself, if you would like to know more send me an ask :)